Friday, August 30, 2013

Change in dynamics

So for anyone that has been following this drama you know the issues.

I am hesitant to rehash the whole thing over at this point so please go back and read what has transpired previously, it is worth your time and effort, i promise.

The latest development is this: B has finally gotten away from that PRICK GAMMONS, and has found a physician that actually is an addictionist as well as a physician. He has a thriving practice (two offices), and seems like a REASONABLE person.

He has taken the time to SIT and DISCUSS with B what the fuck is going on with dilute, made recommendations about doing the tests on a clock schedule, AM seems to be the least troublesome, he has recommended a saliva test (not sure what the difference would be, but thats ok, because she is clean). Beck has had two appointments with a QUALIFIED IM Specialist to find out about the swelling she sees in her legs everyday that could potentially affect a urinalysis. Her new IM specialist has found a minor issue with kidney function and is deferring to an ACTUAL urologist for diagnosis. The new addictionist is waiting for all conferring physicians before he makes any INFORMED DECISION.

My hope beyond HOPE is that there is some Dx that is discovered between a nephrologist, IM Specialist, urologist and new additions, please please have some treatable symptomatically appropriate DV that would explain this. I would love to sue GAMMONS for his misdiagnosis. I want that prick to squirm. Fuck HPRP contracts Fuck GAMMONS Fuck all the administrative PRICKS at HPRP. Every single one of you will get to meet me if this goes to court. Every one of you will get a letter from a lawyer, Every one of you are gonna squirm for the busllshit you put us through.

I hope your malpractice goes through the roof. I hope you default on your student loans. I have so much ill will toward each of you it makes my tumor grow.

Here's a picture of my brain during surgery you pricks. I hope you choke.


To HPRP especially:

So for the last 1.5 years B has been signing paperwork and sending it back to the HPRP fools. Some stuff is no brainer, other stuff is agreement (extortion) changes, you know stuff like how often they can rape her and what is included in  the rape, you know anything a bunch of sadistic motherfuckers can think of...So being the JD that B is she makes notes before she signs and returns, on of her favorites is to put "Signed under duress" by her signature.

All of a sudden some mid level idiot at HPRP goes "hey, wait a sec, she can't sign under duress, that gives her an opportunity to fight back" Now they resend all the prior contracts  and ask that she re-sign them with no commentary attached!!!

Do you believe that?  Someone really Screwed-the-Pooch on that, Right????

I will not let her. Those documents are in the system as is. ProForma (look it up HPRP). Your a bunch of fools and some of you should loose your job.

Heres wishing you horrible luck as my tumor grows.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Continued harASSment

Well, since GAMMONS was finally pinched off like the loaf that he is, HPRP hasn't slowed down in the slightest. WE continue to get harassing phone calls, (er well voicemails, cause we would rather call them on OUR schedule than theirs.)

We get at least 4 of these a week...

All of them saying essentially the same thing "We forgot to tell you..."  insert bullshit bad news here. The last one was, I believe a 6-month extension in the HPRP program because they decided she wasn't doing the Steps because she is not a christian enough to Let Go; Let god. Remember that one?

But it is all within their rights, lets not forget that my B was EXTORTED into signing this so-called contract with them if only to retain her rights, otherwise they would have yanked her ability to earn a living,. It's like signing a contract consenting to RAPE. What type of organization would have this contract as their capstone? Well, I'll tell you:

An organization the has these people in it

Sorry about leaving you off the list for so long CAR! Don't know what I must have been (hint: tumor). It is kind of a shame that you have been overlooked. I have searched out info on your background and in my assessment you should have the proper tools to make this thing (HPRP) work. What happened? Did they neuter you? Did they take away 14 years of therapy work at Birmingham Maple Clinic and replace it with an ADMINISTRATIVE mindset?

Or--Were you just another GAMMONS? That doesn't sound right, having an MSW is way more committed than a DO ADDICTIONIST, it shows that at least at first you had compassion, when you decided on the field, what happened? Do you practice or even remember practicing the art that you learned while going for your masters degree?

I wake up in mornings with bad headaches, but on the mornings when i need to blog to you Fine Folks, I put off taking my MD (not a DO GAMMONS, wouldn't be caught dead with your St John's Wort voodoo bullshit) )prescribed meds only because this is more satisfying.

But I digress: Here's hoping that you all have disappointments today!

One for the road!

Peace in his time!