Friday, August 30, 2013

Change in dynamics

So for anyone that has been following this drama you know the issues.

I am hesitant to rehash the whole thing over at this point so please go back and read what has transpired previously, it is worth your time and effort, i promise.

The latest development is this: B has finally gotten away from that PRICK GAMMONS, and has found a physician that actually is an addictionist as well as a physician. He has a thriving practice (two offices), and seems like a REASONABLE person.

He has taken the time to SIT and DISCUSS with B what the fuck is going on with dilute, made recommendations about doing the tests on a clock schedule, AM seems to be the least troublesome, he has recommended a saliva test (not sure what the difference would be, but thats ok, because she is clean). Beck has had two appointments with a QUALIFIED IM Specialist to find out about the swelling she sees in her legs everyday that could potentially affect a urinalysis. Her new IM specialist has found a minor issue with kidney function and is deferring to an ACTUAL urologist for diagnosis. The new addictionist is waiting for all conferring physicians before he makes any INFORMED DECISION.

My hope beyond HOPE is that there is some Dx that is discovered between a nephrologist, IM Specialist, urologist and new additions, please please have some treatable symptomatically appropriate DV that would explain this. I would love to sue GAMMONS for his misdiagnosis. I want that prick to squirm. Fuck HPRP contracts Fuck GAMMONS Fuck all the administrative PRICKS at HPRP. Every single one of you will get to meet me if this goes to court. Every one of you will get a letter from a lawyer, Every one of you are gonna squirm for the busllshit you put us through.

I hope your malpractice goes through the roof. I hope you default on your student loans. I have so much ill will toward each of you it makes my tumor grow.

Here's a picture of my brain during surgery you pricks. I hope you choke.


To HPRP especially:

So for the last 1.5 years B has been signing paperwork and sending it back to the HPRP fools. Some stuff is no brainer, other stuff is agreement (extortion) changes, you know stuff like how often they can rape her and what is included in  the rape, you know anything a bunch of sadistic motherfuckers can think of...So being the JD that B is she makes notes before she signs and returns, on of her favorites is to put "Signed under duress" by her signature.

All of a sudden some mid level idiot at HPRP goes "hey, wait a sec, she can't sign under duress, that gives her an opportunity to fight back" Now they resend all the prior contracts  and ask that she re-sign them with no commentary attached!!!

Do you believe that?  Someone really Screwed-the-Pooch on that, Right????

I will not let her. Those documents are in the system as is. ProForma (look it up HPRP). Your a bunch of fools and some of you should loose your job.

Heres wishing you horrible luck as my tumor grows.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Continued harASSment

Well, since GAMMONS was finally pinched off like the loaf that he is, HPRP hasn't slowed down in the slightest. WE continue to get harassing phone calls, (er well voicemails, cause we would rather call them on OUR schedule than theirs.)

We get at least 4 of these a week...

All of them saying essentially the same thing "We forgot to tell you..."  insert bullshit bad news here. The last one was, I believe a 6-month extension in the HPRP program because they decided she wasn't doing the Steps because she is not a christian enough to Let Go; Let god. Remember that one?

But it is all within their rights, lets not forget that my B was EXTORTED into signing this so-called contract with them if only to retain her rights, otherwise they would have yanked her ability to earn a living,. It's like signing a contract consenting to RAPE. What type of organization would have this contract as their capstone? Well, I'll tell you:

An organization the has these people in it

Sorry about leaving you off the list for so long CAR! Don't know what I must have been (hint: tumor). It is kind of a shame that you have been overlooked. I have searched out info on your background and in my assessment you should have the proper tools to make this thing (HPRP) work. What happened? Did they neuter you? Did they take away 14 years of therapy work at Birmingham Maple Clinic and replace it with an ADMINISTRATIVE mindset?

Or--Were you just another GAMMONS? That doesn't sound right, having an MSW is way more committed than a DO ADDICTIONIST, it shows that at least at first you had compassion, when you decided on the field, what happened? Do you practice or even remember practicing the art that you learned while going for your masters degree?

I wake up in mornings with bad headaches, but on the mornings when i need to blog to you Fine Folks, I put off taking my MD (not a DO GAMMONS, wouldn't be caught dead with your St John's Wort voodoo bullshit) )prescribed meds only because this is more satisfying.

But I digress: Here's hoping that you all have disappointments today!

One for the road!

Peace in his time!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bullies and Scaredy-Cats

Wonderful news from the 14 Mile office of DWIGHT GAMMONS...

OMG, What happened today GAMMONS?

Could you have been at a loss for words?

Just sign the paper and shut the heck up? How unlike you.
Hit you right in the wallet this time? Sad, sad excuse for a physician. With a witness in tow, this awful human had NOTHING to say? Intimidated by having someone around to witness your shenanigans? Shut you down right quick. Like all bullies when the rubber-meets the road you become conciliatory and shrivel up.

I so wanted to go and witness you eating crow, but you and your perverted sense of therapy has already affected my recovery too much. For the time being I will stick to writing my funny, pithy, scathing blog to release my feelings about LESLIE COLLINS, DWIGHT GAMMONS and HPRP in general.

Oh yeah, one other thing you THUGS may be interested in knowing:
Today, out of the blue a kind sir made me an offer to repost the complete DWIGHT GAMMONS, HPRP and LESLIE COLLINS on FaceBook. Think of all the heat a facebook post would generate!!! FaceBook is where the bulk of your victims reside if I'm not mistaken.
This could be exciting, but I will need to take it slow because unlike HPRP GAMMONS and LESLIE COLLINS, I have yet to extort a signed contract with you saying that I can do anything I see fit to help you with your administrative-issues. Because after all I am just here to help you, I want you all to get better. I know you are telling me that there are no problems, but I have a feeling that there is so I am going to suggest that you all go inpatient for 2 weeks at a critical point in your life. In my opinion you're a bunch of pricks.

I know libel is, I also know what an opinion piece is. So heads up.

In my opinion DWIGHT GAMMON, HPRP and LESLIE COLLINS are thugs that use some overblown sense of importance combined with an inner feeling of INFERIORITY  to maintain their fiefdoms and use threats and intimidations to keep people under there control rather than doing anything productive.


So, DWIGHT GAMMONS, HPRP and LESLIE COLLINS  get ready for some additional input from the people that you have bullied, mismanaged, led astray, manipulated to your own benefit and just downright dislike to the point of wanting to see them suffer (like MY WIFE)

Jeff LaBond
Here's hoping you NEVER have fun like this.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yelling as a communication style

When my seven year old forgets to use his words and just emotes instead, it provokes  a like response in his sibling, (his cousins also). First thing we do as a HEALTHY, LOVING, CARING family is make sure that no one is hurt, but after that we make sure that they know that yelling at someone is not the proper way to deal with issues.

This is directed square at you LESLIE COLLINS. (You're off the hook this morning Dwight Gammons. You're still a sad excuse for a physician)

Now I realize that HPRP and GAMMONS are the furthest thing away from HEALTHY, LOVING and CARING. I mean how could you give a shit about the  the dregs that are trapped in your system, right?

So as an a PROFESSIONAL  you feel the best way to deal with conflict is to yell at your clients, or subjects or whatever the hell you think of them as?  When someone calls you with an issue or a question or maybe even looking for guidance your initial reaction is to browbeat them into submission? You know browbeat right? (look it up).

Horrible excuse for an ADMINISTRATOR, how in the world do you keep this position? Who looks at you and goes, yes, that is what we want in that position? Your system is bankrupt, what is your budget? How much do you make? Based on the information in the 2013 budget online, my guess is the low 70's. Unless you get bonuses also. Theres a thought, what would your bonuses be based on? Filing adverse-notices? You know, every time you fail someone they say "Wow that LESLIE COLLINS sure is doing her jog. Look how many peoples lives she has ruined" "Lets not terminate her contract yet"

I can't believe that in today's enlightened society they allow trolls like yourself to have any authority at all. I am sure that it is only because the people that are victim to your corrupt methods are walking around with guilt at past transgressions, and somehow feel as if they deserve less than respect.

Now I am starting to hear rumblings from a third party that has info about other HPRP victims and mistreatment by your organization (if you want to call it an organization). Just silly stuff, like misplaced paperwork by HPRP and more threats of ADMINISTRATIVE action by your office. My fondest wish is that someone currently going through this nightmare posts a message to me on this blog. I am not a lawyer, just a pissed off husband that wants to cause you as much administrative discomfort and grief as I can. I will take ANY rumors and post them as to the best of my knowledge and see where it falls.

My brain-cancer induced aphasia is almost gone while I write these blogs, that is a good thing. That makes this therapeutic.

You took two weeks of consort (again, look it up) from my wife after a terminal diagnosis. On a whim. Because of a feeling. You have the necessary paperwork to communicate with me on this matter and refuse to do so, you feel the best way yo address this situation is to maintain silence toward me and still yell at my wife?

I am not one of your subjects, I will continue to try to embassies you for as long as I can. Please respond, I know you read these, also i know your general email box gets a copy so your whole office staff gets them as well, to that I say YAY, how many poeople in your office feel the sam way and how does that make you feel? 

Yelling is for children and the weak minded, which are you? Or is it just my wife you yell at? Oh, that would be special, the first crack in your defence of IGNORING me? That would be wonderful.

Come on  LESLIE COLLINS and communicate with me, I would RELISH it, even with my condition i would embarrass you intellectually. I do look forward to one day engaging with you and yours.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Just had a few minutes.....

Just had a few minutes on my hands before my daily dose of chemo and radiation and thought I would look around to see if there was any activity from the GAMMONS and HPRP THUGS.

Guess what I found?

Out of the blue, i found 3 people found the attached review helpful.  Notice the red highlighted area neat the bottom of the image.

Just made my day, I hope they find it humiliating and embarrassing!!

That's all i have for now! Have a GREAT DAY!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

So, it's been two weeks.

GAMMONS DO (or is it Do'h?) and the HPRP thugs are still tools.

B is home after two weeks, we sure missed her. Now we can get on a regular schedule of her work, quality time with our kids,  my chemo, my radiation, my office visits and my oncology visits.

It is interesting how these ADMINISTRATIVE IDIOTS think this 2 week hiatus from the real world accomplished anything. What a collection of paper pushers. The 2-week incarceration box has been checked off on their form, they're all set. They did their job.

This is not done. There's plenty more to be said, plenty more people to send this link to. These tools need to be noticed, by tools I mean specifically

General HPRP
Carolyn-Case Manager...................................................Carolyn Batchelor <>
Leslie Collins-Some sort of admin director

I would truly relish a retaliation. OMg, that would sooooooo make me happy, that, ladies and gentleman, would cure my brain cancer, I am sure of it.

These people took two of the most most significant weeks of my life away based on their whim. Based on my wive not proselytizing herself before their god. For no reason other than belief system they took her away from me directly after brain surgery while I was getting fitted for my radiation mask and starting treatment.

Why? Given me an answer? I'll tell you why, because they are administrators, not Dwight Gammons, of course. He isn't even an administrator. He's an ignorant egomaniac that loves humiliating people he feels are beneath him, and maintains his superiority by continuous humiliation of his subjects patients.  I can almost understand the HPRP knee-jerk reaction, because they don't know any better, right? They are functions of the HPRP machine. But GAMMONS? DWIGHT GAMMONS is a trained addictionist (what a horrible word, abortionist comes to mind whenever I say it.)

I am not through with this campaign.

On another note......
I have noticed based on some interaction with 3rd parties that they may feel this action is untoward, and maybe I should back off.


If I have a limited time left I am going to use it to humiliate the assholes that did this to my family.
But Jeff, what about....fill in the blank

NOTHING is more important than my family. Any sort of muting or editing of my thoughts about this process will not happen.

This has been a travesty, and i should keep quit? Suck it up? Let it go? Really???????????

Are you kidding me, let this shit go by without calling attention to the hypocrisy and the feifdoms put in place by HPRP?

This will not happen. So, if i loose some tangential connections with some people, so be it. You are afraid of my actions attaching to you, and i am sorry for that. But I will not stop this.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Guest Post...

A very dear friend and family member has been biting her tongue about the GAMMONS and HPRP HYPOCRISY and BIGOTRY along side of my boys and myself. She has decided to write an open letter to GAMMONS  from another perspective. Oddly enough coming from the other perspective happens to wind up at the same spot.

We have some notions that do not correspond completely, our paths cross and diverge. Yet somehow wind up in the same place.  Think about the implications.


My name is Sarah, and I am alcoholic.

My own story is long, sometimes entertaining (“Hun, those flower pots out there are NOT toilets,”)  and sometimes heartbreaking (“Mom, I can’t get a hold of Sarah again….”). I’ve had an interesting road to recovery – and I was a die-hard alcoholic. I did not just have a few *diluted urines* - I fuckin hid vodka in water bottles for crying out loud.  (you know, because no one could obviously tell)

My story is an eight year long saga, most of it has been chronicled on my own blog, Complications of a Perfect, for those who wish to browse.  These days I write a lot less about sobriety and much more about life – it’s the evolution every addict strives for, I assume.

I’ve written this guest post for several reasons:  By sharing my testimony and support, I offer you a new perspective on HPRP, and will point out (in MHO) of where “Dr.” Gammons went terribly, terribly wrong.

I do believe in God, and the 12 steps of AA.  I believe the program has value, and that it saved my life.  I mention that lest you think this blog, this cause is supported only by agnostic/atheist AA-haters.  It is not.  You can believe in God, and AA AND agree that this douche, Gammons, is hurting his patients in sick and indescribable ways – and you should.  It is futile to contemplate what my fate had been if Gammons had been my doctor - I had options to change, a luxury my sister was not given. My question: when you strip options from an addict, rob their freedom, AND degrade them when they ask for these options, how do you than expect RECOVERY in any form?

Gammons expected his *stubborn, agnostic, addict* to fail, and then ensured that exact outcome.

To illustrate my point: Any addictionist may FEEL their patient is hopeless, but they should maintain proper treatment regardless. Period.  This requires staying as positive as possible and guiding their patient towards success no matter what they think or FEEL.  I spent 9 days in rehab – my insurance company had authorized 13.  I felt I had learned a lot and I promised to do Intensive Outpatient Therapy.  I knew my therapist and dr had wanted me to complete the 13 days, but they had enough faith in me and my determintaion that they released me. They had doubts, which I discovered later, but I had no idea at the time.

(I almost completed IOP – does that count?)

Upon picking up my life where it had left off 9 days earlier, I was pretty committed to my meetings and my family. It happened that I could only concentrate on one of the two classes I had enrolled in.  It was a short spring term, however, and the time to withdraw had passed.

Needing my medical records to process the exception, I promptly requested a copy to submit to my school.

OK - I shouldn’t have done this, but who would be able to resist, I mean REALLY?!  What did they really think of me?!  Don’t we all want to know what our drs are scribbling on those stupid note pads??? Fuckin curiosity. I totally read my case file. 

Prognois for recovery: fair to poor
Probability for relapse: probable
WHAT?!  Fuck you!  You fuckin haters!  I’ll show you! 

But I digress – this was in my file, but I would NEVER in a million years have guessed that.  I was treated with respect, positive meetings, lots of support, etc.  I thought I was the model student.  BECAUSE THE DRS AND THERAPISTS CHARGED WITH MY CARE MADE ME FEEL THAT WAY.       

And although I did have relapses – several, short weekend long ones after a 14 month string of straight sobriety – in August, I will have 5 straight years, no drinking. That is my experience, my testimony.

For the past couple of years, I have sat with my sister more times than I can count, either after or before her meetings and dr appointments.  Endless hours filled with: “I don’t know what to do, Sarah, this program just isn’t for me…”  “Sarah, what if you just don’t believe in God and the 12 steps…what are the other treatment options?”  “I hate this, I hate going, I hate being forced into only ONE option that doesn’t work for me.” “No, I can’t be completely honest at these meetings, they are run by the very people making the decisions about my license….”

Unable to come up with alternatives or solutions for her, I tried to explain that she could do it, without the God part.  But since she couldn’t be honest in her group meetings, we used to come up with rehearsed speeches for her, just so it could seem like she was participating.  I gave her cheater phrases so she could fake it.  Because it WASN’T right that they wouldn’t give her options.  They forced her to fake her *progress* so she wouldn’t get berated or punished with longer probation periods.  She could NEVER admit to a relapse, like we all can in regular AA meetings, or she would have been disciplined. Proof: one simple admission got her 2 weeks in rehab.  Need I say more about the ineffectiveness about this program called HPRP???

It is deplorable that she felt the need to do this.  How could she truly get better is she was trying to constantly FAKE her feelings?!  The entire HPRP program is BROKEN.

Those were her meeting concerns, her doctor tears were the worst of it:
“He yells at me, Sarah.”  “I don’t believe in God, so I am being stubborn – he SAID that to me.”  “He told me ‘I don’t want you to talk – your words mean nothing.  I talk, you listen.”  “I can hear him yelling at other patients when I am waiting, and I almost start crying before I even see him….”


I’ve sponsored MANY people who NEVER came to believe in God!  I’ve seen the steps altered hundreds of times over so that it works for THEM.  Old school AA buddies disagree, and hardcore addictionists disagree, but THIS is the TRUTH: The disease, like all diseases, is a science.  The treatment, like ALL medical treatments, is an art.  It is fluid, and it is specific to the patient. 

Dr. Gammons, I ask you – can you count any non-Christians in the patients you feel are in *recovery*?  Because I can, and I’m only a sponsor.

~Sarah Doyle

My credentials, in case your wondering: BS in Psychology, 8 years in recovery, and 5 years of actively sponsoring over 20 women in that time.  If I did my research, I’m sure I could prove a higher success rate.  Because I’ve BEEN there, on both sides, have you GAMMONS?